September is synonymous with sports in the video game industry. This is the month in which, taking advantage of the start of the season in the real competitions, the companies launch to the market the new deliveries of their most important sports titles. Surely everyone comes to mind FIFA, NBA 2K, or Pro Evolution Soccer, but this time we do not come to talk about any of these sagas. It is the turn of American football, it is Madden’s 18 turn. EA Sports, through its studio EA Tiburon, continues to take care of its saga more longeva, and in this occasion it gives us a very solid delivery and that brings many interesting news that to good sure will delight both those who are fans of this sport and those who see it a bit from the barrier but decide to give the title a chance.

American Football For All Audiences

It should be noted that American football is not very popular in our country. Although it is worth mentioning that thanks to titles such as Madden, which from the past enjoys official distribution in Spain, and sports broadcasts, this sport is gradually becoming a small gap. The question is: is this Madden 18 enjoyable for everyone, whether or not experts in this sport? No doubt our answer is yes.

The game when we first started it offers three types of gameplay to choose from. We have Arcade, Simulation and Competitive mode. Arcade mode is perfect for those who want to get started in American football. It increases the rhythm of the parties, simplifies the rules and facilitates the plays so that we can make incredible passes and the parties are very attractive and of high annotations.

On the other hand we have the Simulation mode, which is the one we should choose if we know a little more of the ins and outs of American football. In this mode the rules will be more stringent and we will have to have many more factors in mind, such as fatigue, injuries or player statistics. Everything becomes more strategic and the skill and above all the tactical knowledge of the players will make the difference. Finally there is the Competitive mode, which will be used in both the official Madden 18 competitions and in their online game modes and will be the most demanding of all.


Another important factor to take into account for the novices is the presence of a very complete tutorial. And is that Madden 18 strives to teach us to play and learn everything necessary to enjoy it. But it also strives to offer experts a deep game, in which they can unleash all their knowledge about this complex sport. Easy to play hard to master. Here lies one of its main virtues.


Longshot And Frostbite, Main News

This year EA Tiburon offers us with a delivery Madden 18 full of innovations ranging from the graphic section to the addition of game modes unpublished in the saga. Without forgetting to implement also small details in the gameplay that still contribute a little more to the experience.


One of the main novelties is the new graphics engine. And is that if last year we saw as FIFA 17 gave the jump to the engine Frostbite, the Madden saga remained a year under the Ignite engine, this year being chosen to make the change. And the truth is that we can say that the leap is significant. Madden 18 looks much more robust with the new engine and it is necessary to emphasize above all the excellent illumination of which it gala. The atmosphere of the parties is spectacular and the whole set makes the experience very good. Although not everything is good and it is necessary to say that the game undergoes small falls of framerate, not while it develops the game itself, but in the scenes that we see between play and play. It is true that it does not affect the gameplay but the atmosphere that generates the game is so good that it is a shame that these scenes are a little tarnished by this aspect.

The other great novelty is found in Longshot, the story mode that introduces the Madden saga for the first time and that, truth, it feels like ring finger. This is a way in the style of The Road to FIFA 17, which last year followed the steps of 2K in the introduction of this type of stories in their sports titles. In this case we live the story of Devin Wade, a young man from a small town in Texas who has had to go through difficult times and ends up entering a reality show in which he will have to prove that he has the necessary qualities to play in the NFL . We have such notable performances as the Oscar winner, Mahershala Ali, giving birth to Devin’s father, or the historic quarterback and member of the Dan Marino Hall of Fame. In the playable, it can be said that this story mode is quite limited as it relies almost entirely on the narrative, and allows us to interact on few occasions. We will only take control in dialogue choices (in which we will be asked even for tactical aspects of the game) and in some other real playable moment, which in our view are scarce. Although it is true that history has liked and may from the study decided to do so to strengthen precisely that section, and not let it be diluted in the 5 hours that lasts. It should be noted that the game is not translated into Spanish and we think it convenient to discuss it in this section, as it is a very focused mode in the argument and can be a barrier for those who do not understand the language well.


In the playable aspect, the game maintains the good line of the previous deliveries, although with some novelty. If we already had an extensive repertoire of actions, with several types of pass according to the play we design, feints to dodge the tackles, or the whole strategic range offered by the playbook of different teams, among many other things, this year is added a novelty in the system of passes. Madden 18 adds the possibility of giving a pass directed to the area of the field that we choose manually. As you know, the pass system so far was automatic, in which each receiver is assigned a button, and when we press the ball will go directly to the receiver we select. This year this is maintained but we are also allowed to execute a manual pass. Pressing the L2 when we receive the ball with the quarterback will appear a pointer in the field, from which we can select both length and height, allowing us to give much more precise passes. Of course, it is a mechanic that costs a lot to master, especially if we are already accustomed to the previous system.


Packed With Game Modes

Apart from the aforementioned History mode, the game has many game modes that will guarantee us many hours of fun. For those looking for an offline experience, apart from Longshot, we can enjoy a very complete Franchise mode. Here we can manage a football franchise in a very complete way. From the goals we set at the beginning of the season, to the signings of new players, through the financial management of the team. All this having, of course the possibility of playing the games, although we can also opt for the option to simulate them. It is a robust and very fun mode but it must be emphasized that it hardly introduces new features with respect to other deliveries so it can become repetitive for those who already played it in previous games.


Finally, the star mode of Madden 18 is the popular Ultimate Team, sure to sound more than one for the FIFA saga. Although it must be said that in this case there are many differences with what we see in the soccer simulator. In Madden apart from the competition against other players, the offline component is also very important. This Ultimate Team is full of challenges in which we will face the CPU and also give us important benefits in terms of players’ cards as well as coins.

In addition to all of the above, Ultimate Team has three major new features this year. First we have to talk about Draft Champions, a mode similar to the FIFA FUT Draft and in which we will have to create a template by selecting the players who will play us in each round. With these players we will have to play a tournament and depending on how well we do we will have better or worse rewards. The other innovation is MUT Champions, which is the most competitive facet of this way and that will allow us to get the best rewards. Finally the cooperative modality MUT Squad is added. In this modality we will play games of 3 vs 3 in which we will be allowed to choose the role of attack, defense or coach. The coach will use his coach card and will be able to control any player except the quarterback and kicker. In attack the cards and the “playbook” that has the player that exercises of defensive captain will be used, and this one will normally assume the roll of quarterback and will be in charge to choose the plays to realize. And in defense will be used the cards that have the defensive captain and his “defensive playbook” while the player will be in charge of choosing the defensive plays.


Technical Section

As we mentioned before, Madden 18 incorporates the Frostbite engine for the first time. And the quality leap shows, and a lot. But not only in the visual section, with improvements in lighting and with really good textures, but also in the physical, more realistic and credible than in previous installments. And this is very important in a game with as many collisions between players as the one that concerns us.


In the sound section comment that the game is also at a very high level. The atmosphere in the stadiums is spectacular and this coupled with some great comments, which seem to be taken from a real game, makes this one that we immerse ourselves squarely in the games.

The soundtrack has a strong hip hop component, which fits perfectly with the tone offered by the game but can be done a bit repetitive in case you do not like this musical genre too much.



EA Tiburon offers this year a very solid delivery, with many improvements that make us find in Madden 18 the best delivery of the last years. Important news such as the inclusion of the Frostbite engine or the addition of Longshot added to the classic modes of the saga make this title a must for fans of American football, but do not forget the novice players who are much facilitated by entry into this world. Although not everything is positive and there are always aspects to be polished as are the small drops of framerate that accuses the title or the excessive loading times we have between menus. By the way, gamers can buy madden 18 coins online to make a finely personalized Madden team.