Madden 18 is a respectable addition to the overall series. The impressive nature of its graphics and the continued enjoyment throughout its game modes gives it enough prowess to sustain its image and produce a pleasing experience throughout your time with it.

EA Sports has also added a new co-operative Ultimate Team called MUT Squads, and given the visuals a bit of a makeover. Co-op play adds a new dimension to Ultimate Team, which has been getting a little stale in recent years - and not just in Madden. Because everything is better when played with friends, MUT Squads is perfect for anybody who’s fallen out of love with Ultimate Team.

Ultimate team is arguably the most enjoyable feature introduced to some of EA’s sports titles over the past few years. The concept of Ultimate Team begins with players starting by opening a series of packs of cards that in turn create your very own personal roster. The randomisation of the cards grants the player a team that consists of players from every position and every team. Within this game mode, you can create a team that has the potential to see Aaron Rodgers throwing his famous Hail Mary to a waiting Odell Beckham Jr, all while players such as Von Miller command your resilient defence.


Madden Ultimate team is where players can bring their wildest fantasy team to life, and whether you set up your team in solo challenges or go head to head versus other players, there is a wonderful depth to the game mode that can see you become overpowered and enthralled by the whole concept. The entire experience pushes players into new levels of gaming ability – this is your team, your decisions, and your play calls, and it brings the perfect platform to go and dominate the competition.

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